This is It

This is It

Andy Cohen talks about the intense 'Flipping Out' reunion and the Michael Jackson documentary.

Before I get to Michael Jackson, I want to mention the many tweets I got overnight about the intensity of the Flipping Out reunion. Yes, it happened just as it appeared. Yes, I felt like a couple's therapist. Yes, it was heartbreaking. No, I didn't take sides in the argument, and I will not. I just want those guys to reconcile but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon. And I love Zoila. And Jenny. When I left Valley Oak there was still a lot of intensity and sadness. I think it was cocktail time.

So last night I went to a screening of the new Michael Jackson movie and it was being held with simultaneous events in 11 cities including the big premiere in L.A. The "pre-show" was a live feed of the event in L.A., which amounted to a kind of jaded but game NYC crowd in Times Square watching a live feed of arrivals at the real premiere in L.A. with some horrible lady accosting the likes of Mary Hart and Rosanna Arquette and Paula Abdul (in a salute to Asia) and Will Smith. So that was a little lame.

But the movie was all music and moves and MJ and you totally fall in love with him.  And he's funny! And sweet and so, so talented. And he essentially was co-directing, or just directing, the concert himself. And he was going to pull that concert off — it would've been GREAT and he would've come back, which is the trajedy.  And we all would've wanted to go to London to see it.

It was so interesting to see how director Kenny Ortega worked with him, how he in a soft way "handled" him, and communicated with him.

And the sad stuff is that he is so, so thin and you just have to move past the wigs and his face because inside is a genius of a human being. I liked that the film ends before he goes. Ortega could've made it morbid, gone for the tears, and he ended on a high but sad note. 

On the subway home I saw this poster of Greta von Susterin with graffiti on her forehead. It suits her!

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