The Saddest Goodbye

The Saddest Goodbye

Andy Cohen sympathizes with Kate Gosselin's 'DWTS' elimination.

Is there anything sadder than Kate Gosselin's crushing vote-off on last night's DWTS? I only saw it online this morning but I am really feeling Kate's pain this morning. What courage.

I am kidding, of course. I don't give a crap about her. I really don't, in any sense. I was just amused at the weight and importance of her elimination and it reminded me of Valerie Cherish. 

Last night I had a blast with Patti Stanger on the live Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion. We got through A LOT of questions, so I was psyched that we had a whole hour to chat.  Patti is so FAST with her answers and is certainly never short on opinions.

It is so gorgeous here, and I know I keep saying that but it IS and we worked so hard for this, slogging through the cold.... The allergies are INSANE though. I am in varying degrees of misery as the moments pass.

We're running a marathon of Top Chef Season 2 right now and I am obsessed.  I loved that INSANE season.

Have a great day! (No, I haven't seen the Madonna Glee yet but I can't wait.)

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