The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Andy Cohen talks about one of the best Top Chef episodes of all-time.

Tonight's Top Chef features one of the best challenges in the show's 5 years. It is really simple, and I think food lovers will rejoice.

Here's an interview I did with Tom on-set of the New Orleans finale. Apologies for the sound and generally crappy quality!

CAB REPORT: Jonas Tastine in good ol' 8C16 loves him some classic rock! He's especially fond of Yes and Supertramp, which provided not only a hearty jam, but also a gusty wind in our sails to fly up 8th Avenue! The music brought Jo and I 2gether bigtime. Then we talked about Obama (he's praying for him), I gave him my newspaper, and we were bonded 4evah. (It is such a beautiful day that I didn't have the heart to go underground, but I did snap this pic of a mustacheo'd Zellywegs at the 14th street station yesterday):



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