The Day After

The Day After

Andy Cohen wants to know what you thought of the premiere of 'Watch What Happens.'

Well, that was fun!

I would love first and foremost to know what you thought of the show, what you'd like more or less of, and who you'd like to see on it.

I have to thank Danielle for being a fantastic sport. She rolled with some really tough questions and did not lose her cool, even in a sweltering studio. She threw out some hilarious comments, too. Did she actually give her agent's name and contact info? I loved that!

I thought SJP was a great sport, too. I wish we'd had more time with all of them.

I'm really psyched about the set. Yes, it was a little more than 5K to build, but it is still incredibly inexpensive given the cost of sets for "real" TV shows. Yes that was actual whisky in my glass and drinking on live TV is fairly hilarious; I felt like I was getting away with something.  (No, I didn't get drunk, by the way.) Yes, the phones did break a couple minutes before air but I'm psyched we got them going again ....

Next week it's Isaac Mizrahi with Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. I'm psyched!



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