Tardy for the Party

Tardy for the Party

Andy Cohen talks about his night out on the town with the one and only Kim Zolciak.

A very busy day today so I don't have time for a long rant.... 

Had so much fun on the Fiesta de la Facelift on Watch What Happens Live with Lynne and Lisa Lampanelli and Michael Voltaggio. When it was over, I grabbed Eli and we headed to Splash bar where I was to introduce Kim Zolciak's performance of "Tardy for the Party." It was BEDLAM — literally you would've thought these thousands of gays were there for Britney. I am absolutely flummoxed, fertootzed, and freaked (all in good ways) by the response to Kim. She did the song and then, to the delight of the audience ... did it all over again! 

She and I had a little chat onstage in which she revealed that she's in love and maybe, just maybe, her mystery lover could be a woman. (Whaaa?) Unpeel the layers of Kim and you just get more and more Kimness.

The response to Kim kind of reminded me of how people were reacting to another lady on Sunday night...

Photo credit: Patrick McMullen

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