Take a Ride ...

Take a Ride ...

Andy Cohen talks about everything from 'Top Chef,' to the Cardinals, to Barbra, to ... his he/she taxi driver.

Tonight on Watch What Happens Live it's Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and an update on how Kandi is faring live at Midnight. Also Jenni has written a brand new rap which she'll debut on the show. I can't wait to hear it.

Last night's Top Chef was something of a shocker, I know. I woke up to a barrage of e-mails questioning the decision and inquiring about Ash's "falling on sword" moment. I am sure we'll be discussing all this at the reunion taping in a few weeks. 

Tuesday night, Bravo Media hosted a party at the GE Kitchen on 58th street celebrating the launch of a slew of Top Chef-related products, including knives, a new Quickfire cookbook, Top Chef's own brand (Quickfire) of white and red wine, a new game, Season 5 on DVD, floral arrangements, and a line of Schwans Top Chef TV dinners. Cheftestants from several seasons, including winner Stephanie Izard, cooked delicious munchies as the crowd sampled the wine and products. I wasn't the only one in the room who was really impressed with the high quality of merchandise, which will eventually be sold all over the place but for now your best bet is to keep checking shopbybravo.com for more info.

Last night I ate at Bobby Flay's Bar American. For some reason I looked at the menu and got a bit of an upset stomach, but that's more about me than the menu or the restaurant. I think I've just been eating out too much lately. (And by lately I mean every night for the past 19 years.) Anyway, I don't think I'm going to be running back to Bar American.  

After dinner I tried to settle my stomach with Game 1 of what I am praying is the road to the World Series for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. They didn't fare too great last night but I have FAITH.  Was it me or did the game feel especially looooong last night? Maybe it's because it was so late. I don't know but I used some of the foul-ball-downtime to try to figure out the new settings on  Time Warner Cable changed DVR. Everybody's up in arms about the new, less good DVR. Why change a good thing? Sometimes change hurts. 

While I was trying to navigate the game and new DVR world, I caught a promo for a new show Paula Zahn has on Discovery1000 or some Discovery channel. So the point is that Paula, who I worked with for years at CBS, has always had the best hair in TV news, and I can report that she's keeping her crown while working some kind of 2009 Farrahomage. Rock on, Paula.

Am I the only person who's tickled by Barbra Streisand releasing a new album the same week as Madonna and Mariah and kicking their asses? Barbra is No. 1 this week and that means she's had a No. 1 album for the last five decades.  If my gemory (gay+memory) serves me, I think Cher holds the same record. But what do I know, really???

CAB REPORT: I had the most mellow cab ride today, just smooth all around. I got in on Jane Street and the driver grunted "You want I take 6th Avenue??" I grunted back "You decide" and kept my face trained down to my BlackBerry and this rambling blog. I believe we took 8th Avenue and the driver, uncharacteristically, didn't make a peep the whole way. I didn't look up from my device until the NBC Studios awning at Rockefeller Center. Imagine my surprise then when I realized that my grunting chauffeur was actually the lovley Duhra Ranjit, who is very much a LADY! It was so "The Crying Game: Taxi 5J96 Style." I had HER to thank for such a quiet and smooth journey. And thank her I did.  Before I stepped out of cab 5J96, I hurridly but gently made a baby with Duhra and it was the sweetest love I have ever made. And I tipped her in sloppy wet kisses.


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