Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday

Andy Cohen kvetches about the Tonys, Celebrity Appren

It is Super Tuesday on Bravo.

You've got (part 1 of) The Real Housewives of NYC reuniting at 10 EST. Linda Stasi actually reviews the thing in today's POST, gives it 2 stars (2 more than I thought she would) and says it's " 'The Jerry Springer Show' on Botox." That's a pretty good description!

After the first part of the reunion, stay tuned for the series premiere of  The Real Housewives of New Jersey, to which Allesandra Stanley actually gives a freaking RAVE in today's New York Times. What is the world coming to? She says the Jersey Housewives "are more real and more riveting than their predecessors" because they're from Jersey and are just like the Sopranos' wives. That's what SHE said.

I am obsessed with the ladies talking about their "bubbies", and you will be too... Just take a look here:

Let me know what you think of both shows, por favor.

In other news:

** I read in Variety this morning that 9 to 5 is the only musical that posted GAINS in ticket sales after the Tony noms were announced.  Do you understand that 9 to 5 was SNUBBED by the Tonys and this is now further proof that the Tonys do not matter and will ultimately go the way of soaps? 9 to 5 should do a full page ad that touts its Tony snub. I'm just sayin'...

* Everyone seems convinced that Celebrity Apprentice is rigged and that the orange combover put it in Joan's contract that she'd win the show. I didn't see it but the poker trash lady apparently raised four times the money that Joan did and they did a lot of cockeyed "splainin" about how Joan was actually better through the cumulative process of the show. On Chef it's only about the last meal, and some people hate that, so maybe Donald's orange way is the right way. And this really would be a fantastic thing to do a deep dive debate on this space were it not Super Tuesday. Gotta keep the trains moving!

* Speaking of trains, there are none in sight this morning as I write this, which is expected given that I'm sitting on my plane at Newark Airport patiently waiting to fly away. 

The flight attendants just made me feel like more of a stooge than I am when I asked them where I could plug in my Mac airport adapter power cord. They actually chortled at me! "What IS that," they chortled.

"It's a power adapter for my computer," I said.

"Where would you plug THAT in?" they chortled AGAIN!

"That's what I am wondering, MA'AM," I said, dropping the "ma'am bomb."

"Not anywhere on THIS plane" the ma'am huffed. Lovely.

So now I am f--ked. Thank you Continental Airlines for your 80-year-old plane and my apologies to Eli and Christian and Cori at Bravo who are waiting for notes on Tabatha, NYC Prep, and Flipping Out. I WILL be able to do notes on The Fashion Show and Million Dollar Listing, but then my battery will run out...

* To summarize, it is Super Tuesday, the Tonys don't matter, Joan won, Continental sucks, and I am getting the hell out of dodge but really want your feedback on what you see tonight on Bravo. (I am digesting all your Fashion Show comments...)

Before I go let me leave you with Ramona vs The Countess....

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