Summer '08 Memories...

Summer '08 Memories...

A few of Andy Cohen's favorite things.

Time for a moment of Zen about the last few months... I spent my summer riding a high from my 40th birthday in June. It never really went away. Here are some other random Summer '08 vibes:

** the summer on Bravo began with the A LIST AWARDS. I am still grateful that's over and turned out so great... That show was a bear, but ending the night at Florent with the "Real Housewives of Orange County" made it special...


** The NYT loves to write a yearly think piece pondering the 'song of the summer'. Mine was one they didn't even mention - ESTELLE's "American Boy". (Maybe it was the song of the spring?) Who cares if her teeth are insane - her songs are great!


** I am not grateful that JELLYFISH are taking over our oceans, but I do appreciate only having been stung one time by a babyjell in a very random spot.


** what better way to spend one's summer than on the set of "Top Chef"...? It is always a treat when that show is in production. I was going to post a picture of the TC kitchen before I realized you can clearly make out some of the chefs, which would lead to Tory Brody yelling at me... So just imagine a gleaming new TC kitchen ready for consumption...

** I am grateful for mindless summer treats like BIG BROTHER.... BB helps me understand what daily life is like for stupid people, which is a very valuable lesson. Bravo audiences aren't dumb, but the electorate is, so I value the peek inside their "brains"... Plus I get to see Julie Chen... Thanks, Big Brother!


** I gotta say that this summer Christopher Ciccone provided us all with a jawdropper of a beach read. It was like reading a car crash!


** What says summer like TAN FEET IN HAVIANAS... And what's better? I love letting my dogs breathe!



** I am done with Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman; the only leading lady in my universe is Penelope Cruz. Did you see the Woody Allen movie?!?! SHE is the real deal.


** I think August was made better by ZOILA's painting being sold on for $10,500 - and she gets all the cash! That is a beautiful Sum '08 thing...


** I completely overindulged in every bit of non-fattening goody possible this summer. My top dishes are Joanna's Home Made Peppermint Ice Cream (sprinkled with M and M's) and the catch of the day with frittery potatoes at Club 55 in St.Tropez.


What are YOUR favorite summer moments?

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