Andy Cohen is back in New York City ... and schooling you on how to buy a thermometer.

Tonight is a brand new Real Housewives of Atlanta followed by Watch What Happens Live with my guests Kandi, Tyson Beckford, and Antonio Sabato Jr. If you have Qs for anybody, click on the Facebook link below and post them.

Last night, I returned from L.A. and jumped back into Manhattan. First I headed to the set of a new Bravo competition show, where it was like the first day of school. Everything felt new and fresh and nobody had been crushed by an elimination. I love that feeling. Then I stopped by a small celebration for Sunday Morning Exec Producer Rand Morrison. Do you watch Sunday Morning? It is a consistently great show — kinda like The New Yorker on TV. I DVR it.

My last stop was a dinner, who's location I hadn't bothered to really pay attention until I arrived. Turns out it was at a new restaurant in the space belonging to my beloved Florent, which closed last summer. I have been like a man without a country without Flo, so I walked into its replacement with a baaad attitude. My pal Bruce talked me off the ledge and made me give it a chance, so I did. It is a totally different place that will never be what its predecessor was. Nothing will. That being said it was good and fun and they had great music (like Flo) and loud music (like Flo) and is diner-y (like Flo) and they serve brekky (like Flo). So it has enough going for it that I will be back. Watch this space to see how long it takes me to turn on it. (And I forgot the name of the restaurant so don't ask).

This morning there was a segment on The Early Show about finding the right thermometer.  Like, how to shop for a thermometer. Like, with all the different models in the age of Swine flu we are all such idiots that we are so confused about how to shop for a freaking thermometer.  Wanna know how I and everybody else shops for a thermometer? We walk into Duane Reede and say "Where are the thermometers?" Then we go grab one off the shelf and take our temp. Anyhoo, so that was the dumbest thing on TV today (til Watch What Happens Live comes on...)

I am in the back of a taxi getting hurled around like a jelly bean in the most hurky jerky traffic. Screw the UN, I am late for my eye doctor appointment. I have been wearing two left-eyed contact lenses for the last month, you see, and I keep forgetting to deal with it until I sit on the set and try to read the teleprompter. I am forgetful that way. So the meter is at $17.70 and I am only at 51st and Madison. Joy. It's good to be back in NYC.


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