Starry Messenger

Starry Messenger

Andy Cohen raves about Matthew Broderick's latest performance.

The most accomplished group of cheftestants we've had yet wind the whole damn thing up tonight on Top Chef. I will tell you that it's a gorgeous, dramatic, tense nail-biter of a finish to an incredible season. Brother vs. brother vs. Kevin equals whaaaa!? is having a crazy Ultimate Virtual Viewing Party for both East and West coasts tonight HERE, where you can interact with all the finalists, Toby, and others. So, go!

It was a festival of famous Gingeys at the Acorn Theater last night. I'm talking about Cynthia Nixon and her carrot-topped partner plus Kate Winslet. Victor Garber was there too but he ain't no gingey. Winslet predicted that Kevin (yet another gingey) would win Top Chef tonight. (The gingeys stick together, see.)

It was an odd coincidence seeing a play (So Help Me God) about the backstage workings in the theater on Monday night and then following that up last night with one that has had a very public backstory. I'm talking about Kenny Lonergan's The Starry Messenger starring Matthew
Broderick. The blogs and New York Times were like rabid dogs reporting that Matthew didn't know his lines and the play was in trouble. Now it's the talk of Broadway after amazing reviews for the performances and the play itself.

It is such a beautiful special play, and though something about Matthew Broderick breaks my heart (in a good/sweet way) every time he's in anything, this time he really just flew with it. I loved it and I loved him. I cried and was touched and just can't stop thinking about this damn play and life and age.

When he was on Watch What Happens Live Matthew was mid-rehearsals and clearly in the middle of something deep, ever-changing, and long. Given the long road it was getting the play mounted made me even more blown away by his performance and the play itself. I am a big fan of Kenny Longergan's writing, especially the movie You Can Count on Me, but this re-lit my kinship with his words and I am hoping he turns this into a screenplay.   

CAB REPORT: It is raining cats and balls (that's the expression, right) and so I felt like a lucky duck when cab 3P78 pulled up to me with his available light on. "Andy Cohen stole my cab," screamed a sweet boo 10 feet away.  Oh no I did NOT steal your cab, sweet neighbor. And this
fact was verified by my driver.  So I just want to put that out into the universe.


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