Spring Morning

Spring Morning

Andy Cohen talks Spring in NYC, SJP, and Donna Martin!

In addition to all the great emails you guys sent about the NYC reunion, I got one yesterday from Carol Leifer, who had amusing opinions and obsessions about the show. One thing she pointed out about the series is that, amongst the beauty shots of NYC, we captured Elliot and Silda Spitzer walking down the street. How'd I miss that? I also got some texts from Miss Molly Shannon, who was quoting the reunion via SMS. You know I love a funny lady, right?

It is the most beautiful Spring day in NYC. Wow. There's something in the air here that makes you feel lucky to be on Manhattan. Monday night Margaret Russell and Elle Décor hosted a book party for Ralph Pucci at a sexy loft with a lot of hotties. After that, I had a little 'welcome back to NYC' dinner after at the always-sexy Indochine. Last night I worked late and hit Cafe Cluny with a friend, and it was a West Village Springtime fantasy.

Sarah Jessica Parker was on "Access" and "Today" talking about all that the tabloids have done to mess around, invade and ruin her surrogate's life. It's amazing what the ENQUIRER gets away with week after week. You'd be surprised to know the stuff that the STAR has pulled as well. When you look at this surrogate-terrorizing and them screwing with Brooke Shield's mother who's apparently completely out of it, and releasing Farrah's medical records, you have to wonder what the breaking point is. How do these people sleep at night?

So I found out that my old friend Tricia Cast has rejoined the "Young and Restless" cast as Nina. So I've been watching the show the last few nights at Midnite on SoapNet to see if I can catch her and I've been humored to see my old faves who still pretty much look like themselves. Shout out to "Lauren Fenimore" who still looks frozen in a fugly 1991 moment! She was a fug then and she still is! So, Mazel! And "Jill" now has a mouth that's about 12 inches wide for which she can, I'm guessing, thank some insane procedure. And "Lauren" was feeding a gay dude brownies in bed last night! Eeeew.

And all the commercials on SoapNet are all about promoting a "Donnarama" marathon of the best "Donna" episodes from "90210." I don't want to be un-Christian, but isn't that kind of an oxymoron to highlight the "best" episodes of "Donna"? Wasn't Donna the loser, lame character that no one wanted to watch on "90210"? Yes, now Tori is now fabulous and a bestselling author and not crazy looking at all and the queen of Oxygen, but didn't she kind of used to be the fug "my daddy owns this show so I get to be on it" on "90210"? Is it just me? The Donna stuff was when I always went to take a pee or make a call until Brenda came on. Maybe that was just me. Anyhoo, they're doing a best-of Donna marathon, so that should be fast. And I still haven't seen Tricia Cast!


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