Spring is Here

Spring is Here

Andy Cohen thanks the Irish for the great weather in NYC.

Oh it is just the best day ever in NYC. The months of getting pummeled have all resulted in this. I love my Irish brothers and sisters but I will not attribute this to the luck of the Irish. This is one of my least fave holidays, is the problem. And that stems from me working for four years on this day in ground zero of St. Patrick's: Faneul Hall in Boston. Long story but I am forever scarred as a result.

Last night I saw Time Stands Still on Broadway. It stars Laura Linney, Alicia Silverstone, and Eric Begosian and it is pretty damn great. When have you NOT seen Laura Linney be amazing, by the way? But I was pretty impressed with Alicia Silverstone too (and the rest.) We were backstage with Orlando Bloom and his supermodel gf Miranda Kerr after the show. They are adorable and very nice. And hot. (Duh). And Neil Simon was there looking great.

After, we went to Joe Allen's for a fantastic hamburger. It was packed and fun and vibey. And we saw a massive waterbug on the floor of the kitchen, but hey, it's a basement in NYC.

We capped off the night with more of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the DVR. I kind of loved the Phish tribute to Genesis, but wish they played some different music. And David Geffen's speech was great.  And WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME!?! I mean I barely care myself, so don't even pay attention to me....

Also watched the last four epsiodes of RuPaul's Drag Race. And by that I mean I fastforwarded and watched the last 20 minutes of those four eps. (That's the best part!!). I love Ru.  

Have a good day.


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