Speaking Of...

Speaking Of...

Andy Cohen has a bone to pick with the cleaning lady at his gym ... and hopefully Kathie Lee.

Good morning. This morning I went to the gym and spent 45 minutes on the treadmill trying to figure out why the cleaning lady at the gym loves to persecute me by cleaning and vacuuming machines to my right and to my left like an OCD maniac. Like clockwork this gal appears with a rag, bucket, vacuum and paintbrush (I kid you not) and gets in the nooks and crannies of the workout stuff. There is no better cleaner in NYC (Zoila live in L.A., see?) but I can't stand the sight of her. AND she wears a thong that does not cover the doublewide expanse of her ass, which is on prominent display to me and only me, which I am sure someone finds hot but I do not!    

Speaking of hot, I am so late to the Green Day party, but since seeing American Idiot, I'm a little obsessed. Better late than never, right?

Speaking of Green Day, I am so glad you guys liked Christian Siriano's special. We got a lot of feedback about it on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, I was on TODAY yesterday morning and learned that Kathie Lee Nutball is now tweeting. (You know that I love that lady, right?? I mean like I might be getting a little obsessed.)  So I told her I was not only going to follow her, but I was going to start a Twitter war with her. I tweeted her that her wig was askew during our segment but she didn't bite. So I'm at war with myself, which is nothing new.

Speaking of masturbatory wars, there's a new Millionaire Matchmaker on tonight and it's pretty LOL.

Have a great day.  It is brilliantly spring.


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