So Help Me God

So Help Me God

Andy Cohen raves about pal Kristen Johnston's performance.

I went to the opening of the fantastic play So Help Me God! last night at the Lucille Lortel Theater on Christopher Street. I love seeing theater in my own damn neighborhood, but that wasn't the only pleasure of the night. Kristin Johnston's performance as a 1920s theater superstar was hilarity in motion. This is that lost play from 1929 that they wrote about in The New York Times last week, by the woman who wrote the original play Chicago. This one was supposed to be performed in '29 but the market crashed and so did the plans for the play.  

It still holds up 80 years later, and all the sourface critics even agree with me. The lady got a rave in The New York Times and everywhere else. I think this play will move to Broadway, but you should see it while it's downtown and tickets are cheap.

The party was at Gaetano's, Liza's favorite Italian joint. They are SO nice there...

So Levi Johnston continues his press tour and more photos from the Playgirl shoot come out online every day. Am I allowed to say that his ass is a little um, flat and underwhelming?

Sitting eight floors above the Christmas tree and the crowd outside sounds like an angry mob.  Me no likey. If I shot BBs at the Salvation Army girls, do you think I'd get busted? Would anyone really find out?

I am behind in everything.

Here's what we taped after Watch What Happens Live last Thursday:

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