Andy Cohen gives his early review of Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland.'

You will feel like you're 'shrooming when you see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. At least that's how I felt last night at a screening of the fantastic new Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp.
(I love it when Burton and Depp collaborate.)

Another cause for tripindicular sensation was the fact that Wendy Williams was sitting in front of me with her son. And so looking over Miss Wendy's head at the visual wonderment was a trip. I loved it.

Would you believe that in yesterday's blog about all the Bravo peeps I ran into over the weekend, I left out three? After I left Colicchio & Sons, I ran into Tyson Beckford on the street and jumped into his waiting arms. Literally. He carried me to the Standard, where I ran
into Rachel Zoe and Angel from The Fashion Show. What are the chances?

And last night after the movie we hit Balthazar and walked smack into Kelly Killoren Bensimon, her gorgeous daughters, and Top Chef hottie Sam Talbot. They were all smiles and good spirits. Hmm.

Speaking of smiles, the genius Courtney Pollard at surprised me yesterday with this insane montage of my insane facial expressions. Just watch it and tell me what you think:

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