Andy Cohen provides four random thoughts to start the day.

I am at a two-day meeting out of the office, so I sadly don't have much in the way of blogmeat for you. Well, here's four things to consider:

+ Tonight is a great new Shear Genius. I wanna reiterate that this bunch of contestants is one of the best we've had on any of our competitions!

+ Naomi allegedly slapped her limo driver, which makes her Mazel-worthy to me. After last Thursday night, I am really digging slapping and being slapped — right in the face. Have someone slap you today. I dare you.  Then report back.  At least it's something different, ya know, from the humdrum of humpday and stuff.

+ Rolex watches spend most of their time in the repair place. Did you ever know that?  They kinda don't really work.

+ Train rides are very tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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