'Sex and the City' is Back!

'Sex and the City' is Back!

Andy Cohen went to the premiere, and tells us all about it!

Last night's premiere of Sex and the City 2 was a massive, glittery affair — suitable because the film itself was a massive, glittery affair. It was an enormous blue carpet with chandeliers every few feet, hundreds/thousands of screaming fans behind police barricades going nutso for each cast member (most went over and shmoozed with the fans), and every boldface in NYC including Mr. Trump, Liza Minelli, the Seinfelds, Howard Stern, Padma, Wendy Williams, and on. And on. And on. And Suzanne Somers.

Inside, Writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King took the stage, intro'd the supporting players in the audience, and brought his four glamorous, turned-out-to-perfection girls to the stage. Sarah Jessica was blond and sunkissed, stunning in yellow Valentino. She thanked NYC and the fans and everybody went nuts. Then the movie started, and the 5000 people inside were so jazzed up about the visual feast that they were taking PICTURES of the  MOVIE, throughout the movie.

Whaaaayt?? Pictures of a movie??

As for the movie, it won't be a shocker that I loved it. Even better than the first, It feels like they got nothing to prove but they just go for it with a lot of fun and fashion and glitz and heart and women power and a ton of big laughs. And it is visually stunning. By the end, you feel like you've gone on a big trip. People were giving entrance applause to characters, by the way.  And there were two Real Housewives mentions, for which I thanked Michael Patrick King.

All the swells hopped on double-decker buses that zoomed through the Manhattan night to Lincoln center, where about a half mile long carpet took us into a Moroccan-themed bash. The food was actually teriffic (not usually the case at these things) and the vibe was beyond festive. That movie made all happy and ready to party. SJP changed into black and was looking fantastic:

After the after-party, we went to the after after party at the Crosby Street Hotel. The party was just getting to high gear when I split, around 2. I have a busy day today and SOMEONE in this town has to be responsible, ya know????

Horrible traffic en route to work today, but Yusuf Syafruddin was a real peach of a driver.

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