Runway And Grammys

Runway And Grammys

Andy's thoughts on music's big night and Runway's elimination.

I woke up to a ton of "Runway" related calls and emails. Everyone's talking about last night's episode and the Santino vs Nick elimination. I spoke with Tim Gunn last night who said that from the moment Nick bought his silky fabric, Tim thought he was in trouble. You can read more of "Tim's Take" on the Runway page of Bravo's website.

When we first get cuts of "Runway" from the amazing Magical Elves (production company), they sometimes run up to 60 minutes. There's a tremendous amount of unused footage that goes into each episode. With so many stories, designers, and deliberation by the judges, there's a lot of amazing material to choose from. Those Elves cover and shoot everything. Beyond making the most entertaining show possible, we strive to maintain the integrity of the designers and their work -- and also represent the "why" of the judges' decisions.

We get a lot of emails from people who disagree with them, but the judges have their own points of view and believe strongly in their decisions. Michael Kors said something in an early episode that bears repeating: "What's worse - going too far, or not going far enough?" I mention that because it seems to represent some of the thinking behind some of the judges' controversial calls this season. They have their eyes on the future, they say.

Also don't underestimate that the judges' trained eyes are five feet away from the dresses and they see every loose string and every detail that you might miss on the show. Was Santino's jumpsuit ripping off Kara's arm, yes. Did she open her mouth and say that it was ripped pre-runway, no. Did Nick design a woman's puckered, wrinkled suit with no pockets that looked completely wrong on Daniel? Yes.

It's a testament of the power of the show how strongly people feel about the designers and their clothes. I will have more on this topic next week with ELLE's Nina Garcia.

I was at a "Project Runway" shoot until very late so I missed the Grammys and wasn't able to watch "Runway" live. When I got home from Runway Land last night I had to watch Madonna open the awards before hitting the sack. I was so crazed by her opening the MTV European Music Awards in November because in a career marred by bad live performances, hers at the MTV Euros is considered her best. Could she top herself?

She performed with Gorillaz who seem to be an animated band. Madonna came up from the floor looking incredible, in a unitard, great haircut, lip synching "Hung Up". I hate a lip synch and would prefer a horrible vocal. Then she transitioned into the horrible vocal and what wound up essentially being the same routine she opened the MTV Euros with. Bottom line - I loved her hair and I love seeing her dance and halfway in it kicked into anthem status. She even smiled a bunch. I give it a B+!

I loved Coldplay and I dig Chris Martin's curlytop, but I think I'd seen that exact amazing performance on the MTV Euros as well. Ditto Kelly Clarkson. (I love that Kelly Clarkson is winning Grammys now and she sounded amazing!) And ditto Mariah. She sang "We Belong Together" which I love but have seen her sing on Oprah, GMA, MTV and about 30 other places. She sounded great and was covered up sufficiently. She had a sequin mic and transitioned into another gospel-y song with a choir with lots of Mariah vocalizing if you get my drift. She got a standing ovation.

Mary J and U2 were kinda great. Maybe off pitch? Maybe I was tired? I fast-forwarded through Paul McCartney. Just being honest. Jennifer Love Hewitt was a presenter. Anybody have a problem with that? Teri Hatcher and Michael Buble presented together. Anybody have a problem with that?

There was a hip hop version of "Yesterday" with Paul McCartney, Jay-Z and Linkin' Park that was initially outstanding and then maybe got a little unfortunate. Even though Springsteen and Aguilera were on deck, I had to crash.

The music industry is whack right now. Barry Manilow has the number 1 album in the country for the first time since the 70's. And he hates me. His publicist was very unhappy with a profile that Richard Schlesinger and I did of he and his fans years ago for "48 Hours." They thought we didn't convey how very very "young" his fan base is and focused too much on his older fans. I would like to get that publicist on the horn and let her know that I don't think it was Mariah's teen girl fans who ran out in droves last week to buy Barry's tribute to music from the 1950's. I'm just sayin'....

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