Riddle Me This ...

Riddle Me This ...

Andy Cohen discusses how gay Lord of the Rings is and why Eric McCormack gives him the heebie-jeebies.

Need I remind you that the gift keeps on giving tonight at 10, with a the new episode of The Real Housewives of NYC. I try to never go near any taping of Housewives because it's a docu-series and it's hard enough living your life with cameras around; t's even harder when I am standing there sucking the life out of your moment with my weird energy. I made the one and only exception with tonight's episode one random Friday when I heard that the girls were having lunch five minutes away from me in Bridgehampton, and I showed up at the end of their meal. I am very entertained by these six women!

I woke up to an email from the Visuals Manager of Marc Jacobs International, who'd been forwarded a link to yesterday's blog. He was really sweet and said that the "demolition derby" window has been a "smash hit," which I loved hearing and already figured. Then he apologized for making a pun, which I loved more. I say it all the time: It's easy to make jokes about those stores taking over the West Village but they bring with them a great sense of artistry and fun, so I think they're a great addition to the neighborhood.

Is there any connection to the fact that my Sunday TV viewing consisted of Brokeback Mountain and then a Lord of the Rings marathon on TNT? Besides the fact that they are the two greatest and gayest love stories around, no connection at all. Sam and Frodo are so in love that it is almost painful to watch Sam break down in tears every time he looks at his wee friend.

Can you please answer a dopey but lingering question for me? At the end of the entire affair, Frodo leaves his sobbing gay lover to go off with Gandolf and Bilbo Baggins in the boat. Where are they going exactly? To the elfin magic-land to see Cate Blanchett? To eternal bliss? (My ex-boyfriend used to explain this stuff and now I'm kind of on an island here. Help me out …)Watching LOTR on TNT for an extended period of time means craning your head to see the dramatic kingdom fighting and swordplay-getting as Eric McCormack walks into your screen and then spins around in a chair. The whole affair reminded me of The Comeback when Valerie's "button" at the end of her "Room and Board" premiere is ruined by the Nascar snipe that fills the screen. 

Maybe I am just guzzling the Bravo-aid, but it seems like when Padma pops into the bottom left of our screen she's fairly small and goes as quickly as she can. Eric McCormack is about 4x her size and literally PULLS UP A CHAIR. I can't decide if I'm bugged by the snipe, or by
McCormack himself, who gives me the heebie-jeebies. Always has. Always will. I minded less when it was Kyra Sedgewick, so I guess it's a personal thing.  

You know who I don't need to see cracking wise about the advertising business? Eric McCormack. You know who I do? John Hamm. OK …

SUBWAY REPORT: The vandals at the uptown V train 14th Street platform don't seem to care for one of our Make Me Supermodel boys' faces. Poor kid! I sat next to a very handsome Wall-Streety dude on the train who was ENGROSSED in his game of BrickBreaker, and I in turn became engrossed at how much he STUNK at the sport. It was so endearing to see
someone so handsome be so bad at something. By 42nd Street he realized that I was watching his suckage and I had to pretend that I was blind.

It is freezing as balls here so pulling up under Rock Center is a beautiful thing.

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