Return from L.A.

Return from L.A.

Andy Cohen is on his way home and sharing what he learned on his trip to the City of Angels.

OK I am on my way home and here's some of what I learned on my trip:

• I might be a horrible driver.

• I am still obsessed with the lady named "Beautiful" who drives the Hertz bus. She gets better with every ride. [Editor's Note: That's what he said!]

• In L.A., breakfast outside with the New York Post is a pleasant way to begin a day.

• Rachel Zoe is everywhere and if she's not then something she's touched, designed, or impacted is.

• You get tired earlier in this drowsyass town.

• Marix TexMex is still packed and thriving.  And that's good.

• Today I learned that you can, indeed, travel without a driver's license or passport. And you would be surprised at the incredibly hokey pokey identification I used to board my plane! 

• LAX is almost sold out of the Obama Vanity Fair and none of the cashiers at Hudson News can figure out wtf is going on. (I talked to several before locating a copy.)

• It is difficult to write blogs from L.A. because my head is more full of air and, basically less stimulated, than usual.  So tomorrow I will be back to some semblance of normalcy.

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