Report from L.A.

Report from L.A.

Andy Cohen dishes on Jenni Pulos' birthday party and the Super Bowl.

Hey guys. seems to be morphing before our eyes. And with the transition comes some glitches and so if you're noticing that not everything is where it used to be, or isn't around at all, let me assure you that it's being dealt with and the site will be better than ever really soon!

It was a very Bravo weekend in Los Angeles. Saturday was 24/7 OC Housewives for me, which was DRAMARAMA in the form of tears, fights, hurt feelings, reconciliation, some more hurt feelings, and a group tequila shot at the end of the day. And we shot it all, so more on that later.

Saturday night was the big birthday soirée for Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos, and you will remember that the theme of said event — "Come As Your Favorite Reality Star" — sent me into some sort of a tornado of flummox because I knew it was an invitation whose subtext was "game on." Jenni and her crowd don't play games.

I procured a Top Chef jacket and asked Anthony to find me a Marcel wig. (If Anthony can't find something, that means it simply does not exist.) Two days later I was in custody of a "wolfman" wig that, color aside, looked remarkably like Marcel's infamous 'do. Trying to explain the costume, and the point of it, to the hotel front desk people and valet kids was un-fun.

The party was fun and it was hilar seeing what people did to themselves. Here I am with Head of Development Cori Abraham, who came as Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim …

andy-blog-02-02-09 01.JPG


andy-blog-02-02-09 01.JPG

Patti Stanger never needs a costume because she's everybody's favorite. I was psyched to see her because I got to meet her beau, Andy, who is a great guy with an enviable head of hair. Here's Patti with Flipping Out EP Billy Taylor, who's dressed as Chris from that show ….


As far as the queen of the party, isn't it fitting that Jenni threw on one of Zoila's uniforms and went as America's favorite maid?? She even had a mop. Here she is with the lady herself, who went as Zoila on a night out ….

andy-blog-02-02-09 01.JPG

I'd say that, with the exception of Jenni and some camera guys from Top Chef, no one had a clue who I was. A few people thought I was Richard and others thought I was just a morphed version of insane TC hairdos. So over-explaining your costume to others is never amazingly fun. Though un-costumed, Jeff was in good form. And on that note, I will say that there were a few too many people there who only brought excuses for why they DIDN'T dress up, and stories of who they were GOING to be. As Neil Diamond sung to La Streisand, "Used to be’s don't count any more," people. You get me?It was so great watching the Super Bowl on the West Coast. It just didn't seem as long and exhausting when it ended at 7. It didn't hurt that it was such a great game, although I was rooting for the Cardinals, despite the fact that their owner Bill Bidwell (who Wikipedia calls a "cheapskate") double-crossed the city of St. Louis by taking the team to Phoenix in 1987 on the promise of a bigger stadium.

In shocking news (wink), I thought Jennifer Hudson was incredible. Not since Whitney Houston has someone belted before a game with such force. I later read that Hudson lip-synched at the request of the producer, who said you shouldn't risk singing live at such an event. Here's what: Bruce Springsteen did it really well! I'm kind of pissed, but the truth is that Whitney did it, too. I think Beyonce serenaded the President in his first dance a couple weeks ago, and that was live and a lot of pressure, so it CAN be done, folks.

I loved the Conan commercial and the Doritos ads. And I'm psyched to see Star Trek. And The Office was hilar afterwards. Oh and I don't need to hear a word about Steeler Nation. I mean … Steeler Nation?

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