Random Thaw Stuff - And Judging Jeans!

Random Thaw Stuff - And Judging Jeans!

Andy Cohen on Michael Phelps, Lindsay Lohan, and trendy jeans.


There's a big thaw happs here and so I feel myself mellowing out and getting into the swing of the pure, unadulterated JOY around me. The truth is that I am on a cardio-high this morning and I will certainly become hateful in time for my 12 PM conference call about... something irritating.

Watching, and reading along on closed-captioning, morning TV on a treadmill is a ridiculous way to exercise. Michael Phelps was on TODAY all bundled up in a sweater. Here's what: his "handlers" (the Momma?) should make him do all personal appearances in a speedo. Cuz, see, that's how we love him. Wear your drag, people! You don't see Charo in a business suit on her countless appearances, right? OK that is a horrible example, let me think of another. You don't see Elton John in a business suit - he's in some brightly colored Versace onesie.

The cast of "Shrek" was on singing too. Was it Valerie Cherish who said "I don't need to SEE that!". Does anybody? And will people go see "Shrek"? Are we excited? Maybe we are and I don't know it. Somebody tell me. There was also a "True Hollywood Story" about Lindsay Lohan. It will not come as headline news to hear that her mother is certifiable. Ready for lock-up. Somehow READING her quotes made her seem crazier.

I am always mildly amused by subway advertising defacement, and this little embellishment of Kelly Ripa near the F train on 14th Street has been tickling me for the last week. She's wearing her hair in a bun in an ad for a bank, but someone drew a lil bouffant on her. That's FUNNY! I need to get a comment from her on it. Stay tuned.

Let me leave you with a little fashion commentary we banged out the other day when Anthony's jeans came into question... What do YOU think of his True Religion togs?

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