Rambly Blog Amounting to Nothing

Rambly Blog Amounting to Nothing

Andy Cohen wonders about which reality star he should dress as for a party.


Before I get to my nonsensical ramble: can someone help me, please?? This weekend, a Bravolebrity is having a "Come As Your Favorite Reality Star" costume party and I have no clue who to go as. Do you have a suggestion? If it helps narrow things down, I know that I am not putting on a wig or a dress. So don't suggest Rachel or Zoila. I really would love your input on this...

I spent much of the weekend wondering about burial plans. (My own.) Is that weird? There's nothing in the way of death in my immediate future that I know of or am particularly expecting, but at what point does one buy a plot and commit to a spot? So THAT'S a fun convo!

I wrote last week that I thought Will Ferrell's Broadway "Salute To Bush's Stupidity" (that's not the real title) was ill-timed given that everybody's kind of done with the topic. Early reports are that the show is hilar and that it's the youngest crowd you'll ever see in a Broadway theater. In other words, I'm wrong. Again.

The thing that I haven't ever been wrong about is Oprah. I have stood by the lady for the last twentysomething years and I gots to say that she seems especially on fire these days. Maybe the fat-confession did her some good, but since the New Year her shows have been really extra good.

Another lady hitting her stride is Katie Couric, who just stole the hero-Pilot interview right out from under the Today Show. The lady’s still got it. I want her to succeed at CBS.

I watched a lot of stuff yesterday, including "Tropic Thunder". I thought the first 20 minutes and the last 10 were pretty funny. Looking at the Oscar Noms, I wish that "Man on Wire" had been up for Best Picture. It seems like it might even have a shot.

We also rewatched the inauguration and I want them to put Re-Re's "Let it Ring" remix up on iTunes. Upon second inspection, I'm more committed than ever to her performance. And the hat looked fab. Did you read that she saw a hat in her milliner's shop and said I want THAT hat with THAT bow (pointing at a bow on another hat.). I love that. Genius!

SUBWAY REPORT: I spent my ride glued to a fight between a young couple.  The boy was hammering his girlfriend about her weight. He was screaming "No more CHEESEBURGERS!! No more CHEESEBURGERS!!" And she was all: "I'm down to 172!" It was a captivating and tragic affair. The boy was super skinny and she was ample. They continued fighting as I got off the train.


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