Rambling on the Train

Rambling on the Train

Andy rambles ... on a train.

I am on a acela to D.C. this morning, en route to (TV confab) Real Screen where I'm hosting a panel this afternoon and on another in the morning. I know I've said it before, but I love the damn train! I am sitting in the "quiet car," which is a recipe for disaster. There is a 68-78 percent chance I won't make it to Baltimore without being removed from this car.

** How lame were the Oscar nominations this morning? Opening up Best Picture to 10 nominees in a year when movies sucked is not a happy coincidence. Zzz. 

** I finished Game Change on the plane last night and can't wait for THAT movie. What I loved about the book is that it was totally nonpartisan and showed the good and bad of pretty much everybody. I came away respecting all the candidates in some way (with the exception of Edwards, who is un-respectable. It is simply not possible to respect him.).

** If you're a Millionaire Matchmaker fan (and who isn't?), it will interest you to know that tonight is a new episode, and that after next week's premiere we're doing a "Matchmaking Live" aftershow where Patti is going to answer any and every question you have about your love life.  Be scared, be very scared, and excited — be very very excited. There's more info on the Millionaire Matchmaker homepage. 

** I can't believe I spelled Stevie Nick's name "Knicks" on the blog yesterday. I am clearly just thinking about the Knicks 24/7 and so is Monica, who edits this blog. We are total fanatics. (Not.)

** I am hoping that you enjoyed Kell on Earth as much as we did!


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