Andy Cohen reacts to The People's Choice Awards, Cat Dancer, and Top Chef.

Last night's "Top Chef" was a biggie not just because two chefs packed their knives; Toby Young joined the judges and shook things up a bit.   On his blog, Tom recounts Toby stepping into his first day of shooting thinking he was there to be the 'Simon', then quickly realizing that everyone was pretty damn serious about this competition.  He certainly fired up his fine-tuned wit, but he did so within the confines of our competition. He is smart, funny and thoughtful, and we were happy that he was able to join the gang after Gail went all connubial on us.

Have you seen the documentary "Cat Dancer" that's all over HBO?? See it!!! Do it!!!! And I am assuming you saw the picture of the 5 Presidents altogether in the Oval Office yesterday? I love that. I love ex-Presidents. I wonder if I will ever love or have any affection whatsoever for W. I am going to bet the answer to that is "no, not ever".

Have you ever seen these candid-camera-y things that "Primetime Live" has been doing called "What Would You Do"? It's kind of their answer to the Dateline "To Catch a Predator" and it's a fun idea. That being said, I saw one the other night that was so freaking stupid I actually got kind of angry. They had actors posing as "ugly Americans" in a French Bistro trying to offend French people to, I guess, see how they'd respond. And the point was... The point was to... I have no freaking idea.

I thought I was getting punk’d last night and Quinones was going to pop out of a hallway last night when I turned on the "People's Choice Awards" for about four minutes. Hey Andy, what would YOU DO when you realize that you're either not a member of the "people" or have no clue what "people" want, think, or do!? The category I saw was for Favorite Drama Film and the nominees were: "Eagle Eye", "21" and "The Secret Life of Bees". Um. I know that movies suck but... the "people" really think these were the three best drama films of the year?

"The Secret Life of Bees" won! And then Rascal Flatts performed and I realized that I need to get in touch, and that the "A-List Awards" potentially have more cred and gravitas than the "People's Choice" hoohas. Then I tuned out and watched "Top Chef" in HD, which was a beautiful thing to see. ("Boy that cutting board is a pretty color yellow!")

I know that no one gives a poop about the subway defacement happening around me, but just indulge me. Yesterday I showed you Patti "Millionaire Matchmaker" Stanger's blotched out face on the Uptown Platform of 14th Street F Train. That's nothing compared to what I saw last night on the downtown train, where someone has given her a black eye and put a penis in a rather compromising spot. People love drawing penis shapes on subway posters. And by "people" I mean "I". Kidding.

OK I am heading to Los Angeles and I will blog at ya from there.

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