Queens Acting Out

Queens Acting Out

Andy Cohen raves about the new Broadway play "Mary Stuart."

What Broadway opening could bring out Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Linney, John Slattery, Tyne Daly, Allison Janney and Kevin Spacey on a Sunday freaking night? It was "Mary Stuart" starring British theater legends Janet McTeer, Harriet Walter, and my bestie John Benjamin Hickey. 

By now you've already read Ben Brantley's rave in The New York Times and have bought your tickets, and let me tell you that you did the right thing. It takes a lot to keep me still and on the edge of my seat, but this tale of Q Mary vs. Q Eliz made Krystle and Alexis look like ... a cheesy Aaron Spelling show. The acting is superb, the production is modern and breathtaking, and the story engrossing.

The after-party was at Tavern on the Green, which is apparently up for sale and moments away from being the new toast of the town. And then there was a lot of chatter about the play and about life and we all went deep and light and deep again. And my friend Scott Whittman was just off a plane from Vegas and opening night of "Peep Show" directed by Step it
Up and Dance star Jerry Mitchell. It's apparently a divine, bawdy romp full of titsy goodness. If anyone appreciates titsy goodness, it's Scotty.

And our Vegas friends were all holed up in the same hotel as all the Miss USA girls, so it was that kind of scene. I know that the pageant is now owned by Donald Trump, which means it's real "classy," right, just like Trump. Well don't you know that my pal walked into the hotel elevator at 4:30 a.m. and discovered a "beauty" on her knees giving a b-j. He let the doors close, took another car, and brought the story back to NYC where we're all convinced that it was actually a contestant. Perhaps it was Miss California, who last night eloquently told the
judges why she opposes gay marriage. Perhaps so, but perhaps not. It could've been anybody, right? Or nobody.

And while I am on my gay soapbox, let me pause to say that I don't really consider myself a big gay activist, but I have morals and I think there's validity in the concept of coming out and being who you are and standing for something. And so when I see a star go on 60 Minutes and
swear up and down to Lesley Stahl that he's heterosexual, I remember it, and I put it in my brain even if it was five years ago when times weren't so different. And then when I see that actor spend two hours at Tavern on the Green slobbering over one of the cute gay guys in the
play ... it, I don't know, makes me sick. It grosses me out.  What do YOU think? I leave it to you ...

CAB REPORT: I was too busy pounding away on this Blackberry to notice that he took me to the wrong street and then blamed me for misdirecting him and not paying attention. So THAT didn't go great.

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