Andy Cohen loved the Oscar buzz-worthy film.

I have to thank Oprah Winfrey for giving me a spectacular evening of entertainment last night.

It started with Precious at the AMC 25 on 42nd Street. On the one hand, I don't want to overhype the movie because it won't be as good as I say. But on the other, it was freaking great. And the performances are spectacular. Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe are beyond the beyond. And Mariah Carey is understated and fantastic! And it's a story that doesn't get told enough. And Mariah had a mustache.

I met Gabourey Sidibe the TODAY Show greenroom on Monday morning and she proved to me what an incredible actress she is because she is NOTHING like "precious" in terms of her speech, mannerisms, or appearance. She really transformed herself. She's a Watch What Happens Live fan so we're trying to get her on the show.

Before the film, there were trailers for five Oscar-bait movies about Mandela, Queen Victoria, and one Jim Sheridan film, and another by Almodavor, but the only one the audience reacted to was a new Tyler Perry movie. It was funny! (CRICKETS for the others...)

After the movie we went to break down the movie at the always classic post-theater spot Joe Allen (I was with legendary Broadway director Joe Mantello) and ran into one of my guests on tonight's Watch What Happens Live, funnylady and SNL Veteran Rachel Dratch. Rachel is a big BravoLover and we're going to have fun tonight. My other guest is Mariah Carey's co-star in Glitter, Padma Lakshmi. Oh yeah, Padma hosts Top Chef, too.

When I got home I ran to my DVR to play Oprah's interview with the Monkey Lady. WOW. I don't totally know what to say except that it was an amazing show and it made me love Oprah so much. Who else would you want to sit down with if something horrible happened? And of course I loved the Monkey Lady and I DID SEE her inner beauty.

I will say that while I thought Oprah was beyond compassionate, she was rubbing salt in her (formidible) wounds by telling her eight times how shocking she looked and how people weren't going to be able to look at her. I think she was just trying to speak for what the viewer was thinking, but maybe it was one too many times. I am quibbling here, but it did cross my mind.

See you live at Midnight.


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