"prada" Premieres, "runway" Wraps

"prada" Premieres, "runway" Wraps

Andy Cohen shares highlights from the parties.

It was a fashion typhoon yesterday as we wrapped production on Season 3 of Project Runway. I don't wanna jinx it, but I think this is the best one yet. I know it.

Production of the final Runway show before fashion week stretched into the early evening and Nina Garcia and I were getting nervous because we both were planning on attending the NYC premiere of "Devil Wears Prada." I ducked out as Heidi was handing out the auf weidersehn that takes the finalists to fashion week.

The premiere was NYC mayhem. The new thing is that they make you check your phones at premieres so you can't take movies of the movies with your cell and sell them. Piracy blah blah blah, the bottom line is that it sucks and hilarity and anger constantly ensues because people who attend premieres all think they're special/vips/on a list people who are exempt from checking their phones. They're not. Somehow, last night I was and breezed in with pockets full o' electronica.

The movie was a lot of fun. Meryl Streep is (and looks) unbelievable, which is as trite as saying "Heidi looks pretty today" -- but it's true so I gots to say it. There are two Madonna songs in the soundtrack ("Jump" and "Vogue") and tons of fashion. For me, "Runway" was in the air. I couldn't take my mind off the season we just wrapped, the magazine in the film is called "Runway", Meryl mentions Michael Kors, Heidi appears briefly (along with a ton of other fashion cameos), and all that's left is for Sir Tim to appear.

After the movie we headed to the party at 230 Fifth, a new rooftop space at 27th and Fifth Ave. The music was hip hop, the crowd was sexy, and the night was steamy. The beef sate did not suck. I was talking to someone who I thought was Anne Hathaway and congratulated her on the film. It wasn't her and this lady (who was indeed an actress) had not appeared in the partic film we'd all seen. Ooops. Someone asked me seven minutes worth of questions pertaining to Daniel V's hair.

After the premiere party we went to the Project Runway wrap party, where I got all the answers to those questions. I love a wrap party because everyone is so in love at the end of their experience and all the hot crew people are there and ready to party.

SJP accompanied me to the fete and added an extra bit of sparklemagic to the evening. Sprinkled amongst the white hot Magical Elves were models from Season 3, Sir Tim Gunn, and past Runway designers including Emmett McCarthy and heartthrob Daniel V. Daniel V's hair is a full-on shag and though he claimed it was matted with humidity, to the naked eye it read layered shag perfection. He is feelin' it with a thousand things on his plate, a potential new tattoo on the horizon (he has two which he showed me), and a world of opportunity in his future.

Jay McCarroll arrived in a cloud of patchouli, looking very handsome and together. He's showing his line in September. Austin was there and reported that he's busy designing for a very famous wedding designer who's name escapes me. He's doing great and looks good. He might've gone from a 24 waist to a 26, which is healthy. There was kaoraoke at the bash, which killed it for me. You're either in or out with kaoraoke and I was out.

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