Powerless to Sequins

Powerless to Sequins

Andy Cohen talks 'ATL' reunion, 'Watch What Happens Live,' and meeting Sue Simmons.

Hey everybody. I'm lagging a little today after a super-long night and a ton of work to be done! 

This week was one that included two really intense and unexpected vibes at reunion shows.  Flipping Out was like couple's counseling and Atlanta was a little like pulling teeth. 

I know part one of the ATL reunion felt "different" and I, for one, thought it was grand that the ladies decided not to pull any hair during our exhaustive sit-down. They are so FUN and were during the breaks. I wish they'd lightened up a BIT during the actual taping but they were doing their thing and I respect them for it. I especially give major props to Kim for taking every damn question and just "going there" in general. She is a great sport; they all are actually.

Every Thursday I'm on LXNY, the 5 .p.m show on WNBC that comes on before the news. Last week I mentioned my adoration for the Queen of NYC Local News, Sue Simmons. I said that half the reason I was going on their show every week was to meet her, and in fact I ask the makeup guy for gossip about her every week. So yesterday they surprised me live on TV with none other than Miss Sue Simmons. I freaked out and got to chat with her for a few minutes about whether she's considered pouring a cocktail towards the end of the local news (NO, she's too concerned with getting OUT of the studio) and whether she used to go for a pop between shows (YES, but not anymore.)

She was such a great sport. And, I mean, she's as iconic in this town as the Empire State Building. It's true! Here's a crappy picture from my Blackberry.

I was live with Kandi at midnight and Ray J. joined us on Skype for the booty call. He's hilarious!

I loved Kandi's jacket. I am so powerless to sequins — I wanna be in them, which may be part of the reason I went to the top of the Standard after the show and stayed until 3. (It's like being in a sequin cloud up there.)

Have a great weekend, and let me know what you thought of the reunion.

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