Pop Culture Bust-Up

Pop Culture Bust-Up

Andy Cohen recaps an evening with Ellen Barkin and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Last night was a pop culture collision of sorts. Or maybe it was a pop culture car crash. I don't know — you decide.

I met up with NYC Prep senior PC right after work. He's just back from Spain and settling into life as a Bravolebrity. He's quite fun to watch on the show — there's no way to not have an opinion about him. And he has great clothes. There's a new episode tonight.

The bulk of the night was spent fulfilling a pop culture fantasy for my friend Ellen Barkin, who has been ON ME about meeting Caroline Manzo since the day the Jersey Preview Special started airing. So last night it was me, Barkin, Caroline, Dina, Albie, and Lauren at Il Cantinori (aka Il Cant-iffordy) yukking it up and going deep about the show. This was a SCENE, people.  I WISH we had filmed it.

Albie and Lauren are great kids and Dina is a beautiful Barbie doll with brains. And Dina had me play the game Kathy Griffin plays on her show where she calls someone famous in her phone to see if they'll pick up. So Dina had me call Kathy Griffin herself, who picked up and — in her always timely way — said "You better be calling to tell me the secret between Caroline and Danielle, MoFo!" I did not tell her the secret and it was too loud to pass the phone around but I am certain Kathy will find it out soon enough.

It was a great night and I had fantastic lemon pasta.

So I guess Joe Jackson, who we knew previously only as a disciplinarian child abuser, has now completed the circle of heartless piggery with his incessant plugging of his "record label" in the wake of his son's death. I don't have to wait till Saturday to know that he'll be my Jackhole of the Week ending 7/4. Congrats, Joe!

I am not sure I totally "get" Janet's BET Awards speech or general need for the appearance, but if that's what she needed to do then I'm down with it. We had a pitch meeting with Janet a couple months ago and she was as lovely as you want her to be. She was wearing her hair like
"Penny" from Good Times and I made a big deal of that (how could I not?). She said the hair-in-a-ball-on-head look actually began pre-Penny, in Vegas performing with her brothers.  Janet, loveyoooo ...

Guess what, I have a ton of work to do.  Maybe I'll tweet later (@BravoAndy).

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