Polo and Summer

Polo and Summer

Andy Cohen is happy Summer has finally hit Manhattan.

It is finally, properly, summer in NYC and it is a marvel.  People are outside 24/7 and there's no bedtime until September. That's how I like it, especially for the next 11 weeks that I'm gonna be live at Midnight.

Out East, the water in the ocean is perfect and the waves are even better. I had the most zen swims this weekend. I think I'd forgotten the power of salt water, even after slogging through that bestselling book The Power of Salt Water a few years ago.

(I made that book up, but it's kind of a good title.)

I needed Zen after slogging through an afternoon at the Bridgehampton Classic on Saturday. I went because a friend invited me and I'd gone a few years ago and had a lot of fun. Plus I wanted to see Nacho Figueras play, which is always something to see. (It is fun to watch
him read the phone book, too.)

So I saw Nacho on my way in and it turns out he's playing NEXT week, which was sad. After I saw Nacho I got an indication of the demographic of the rest of the crowd when a lady who was dressed for ... something ... approached me and said "Do you know anyone heading
back to Sag Harbor after this who could give me a lift?"

The truth is that I was heading back to Sag Harbor and I would've LOVED to give her a lift. "No, but I'll ask around!" I told her.

Anyway it was a mob scene inside and no one was actually watching the beautiful horses and even more beautiful Argentinians riding them. And the people were dressed to the nines and just essentially barbarians, is the only way to describe them. There were about 1000 of them.

I saw Jill Zarin who was hilarious and a mile a minute, of course. Bobby was a cool customer. We stayed about 15 minutes total and then went and watched from an area where they kept the horses, which stunk to high hell but was in close proximity to the players during their
downtime.  On our way out we ran into PC from NYC Prep. He has beautiful eyes. (It's OK to say that, right?)

Spent the rest of the weekend catching up on a ton of screening Bravo shows plus working through it. I was so sad to hear about Walter Cronkite, and someone tweeted the PERFECT thing the other day: "I can't believe Walter Cronkite outlived Journalism." And with all due
respect, ain't it the truth.

Thanks for all your feedback on Watch What Happens: Live; it's really helpful to hear from you. We have some really great guests coming up that we'll be announcing in the next few weeks.



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