Pine Valley, R.I.P.

Pine Valley, R.I.P.

Andy Cohen critiques the 'All My Children' 40th Anniversary special.

I'm heading to L.A. today and am behind in everything...

Yesterday, All My Children celebrated it's 40th Anniversary with a celebration that looked to me like a funeral.

Soaps are dying right before our eyes at the same rate that our favoritesoap stars of yesteryear are injecting their faces and boobs. (That means: FAST.) I was a big All My Children viewer from about 1982-94ish. I went the way of everybody else, I guess, in the mid-'90s and got distracted by cable and reality (understatement) and the Internets and all the rest. So now these shows rich in history are becoming too expensive to make and slowly disappearing.

All My Children, always a NY-based soap, is heading to L.A. My beloved Susan Lucci defended the show's move to L.A. on The View, saying it was a vote of confidence from ABC to move them to big new studios. It was actually a mega cost-saving move and probably one final shot for the soap before it goes the way of Guiding Light.

So this celebration yesterday was something of a poorly-produced hodgepodge (why'd they use still pictures when they own the video??) playing out before your eyes of a dying medium.  It was SAAAAAAAAD.

And I capped off the AMC anniversary day, ironically, with dinner with AMC's Hayley and Mateo at DBGB, Daniel Bouloud's incredible Lower East Side restaurant. I am crazy about those two, and was "introduced" to them via the show and so it's funny that we've become friends. They
have the best backstory at AMC — met, fell in love, got married, and started a family all on West 67th Street in NYC. (Or is it West 66th Street?)

So we raised a glass to AMC and to soaps.


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