Petite Models Gone Wild!

Petite Models Gone Wild!

Andy Cohen reflects on the 'America's Next Top Model' stampede ... and drawining penises on Goofy.

I am quite sure that I am not allowed to joke about the stampede of short girls trying to audition for Tyra's show because it is a very serious, awful, heartbreaking thing. So I won't. YOU do it. I can't.

So let me just start today by apologizing to the three of you who came on Friday and couldn't find a blog. I'd planned to write a "Good for the Gays" list but just could not get my mojo clicking and what I wrote was bad. And bad for the gays. So I just counted to 10 and did my day job and I'm back after a great weekend. It is an especially amazing time to be in NYC because we are on the precipice of spring, people!

I saw two of my favorite Bravolebrities on Saturday. I had lunch at Morandi with Top Chef Fan Fave Fabio Viviano. What a joy to have a great Tuscan lunch and vino with that sweet guy who has a thousand opportunities falling at him every day; it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. We took a walk in the West Village after lunch and people were screaming "Fabio!" every corner he turned. Incidentally, Fabio is stopping by my office this afternoon to shoot a videoblog so if you have a question for him post it below ASAP and I'll ask him!

Saturday night I met Rachel Zoe and Rodger for a drink and they downloaded what sounds like an incredible trip to Paris, which we of course shot for Season 2 of RZP. Every time I see her I try to spend five minutes deconstructing the jewelry, which is always beyond the beyond.

Between doing whatever it is I do (wait — WHAT do I do?), I intermittently caught up on a lot of TV. Did you see the premiere of South Park in which they defamed the shit out of Mickey Mouse and Disney?? The plot basically was that the Jonas Brothers are pawns of Disney and Mickey, who are exploiting their chastity to horny pre-teens. Mickey was literally a character in the show, spewing hate and insanity. And it was GREAT and I loved every second but just remind me how are they not getting their asses sued right now? Have you EVER heard of Disney not suing when you even think of, say, drawing a penis on Goofy?  Friday night the Lana Turner version of The Postman Always Rings Twice was on TCM. Yum.  She was such a cream puff in her white white white clothes and her white-blond hair. Delish, Lana. 

I am embarrassed to admit it took me this long to FINALLY watch RuPaul's Drag Race, but I did and I looooooooved it!!! Wow. It is the perfect marriage of RuPaul with Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey's World of Wonder, the incredible production company that's partnered with Ru on most of his career, including TV and video work. (WOW also produces Million Dollar Listing and Showbiz Moms and Dads and a bevy of brilliance.) It's also the perfect storm of WOW doing it's homage (and it is that) to Project Runway and Ru doing his to Tyra. But it works and is SO entertaining and fun and will have you smiling the entire time. The music is perfect, the format beats are clever, the contestants are great, and — most importantly — RuPaul SHINES brighter than ever. It made me really happy.

Ru needs to do his thing to Lesley Stahl because that leather-lovin' lady was working a red leather "top" of some sort that, though I am sure quite buttery in feel against the skin of the Stahl, was quite unflattering in my HD. I don't need to see that!

I watched 20 minutes of the Will Ferrell thing and was kind of smiling. The picture of "Bush's" penis was pretty funny; that is probably about what he's working with, which might explain so very much. Speaking of politics (was I?), tonight on PBS there's a doc about Betty Ford that looks interesting. I'm DVR'ing … are you?

CAB REPORT: Yeah I got really lazy but that's only because I ran for an hour earlier this morning, so I figured that I deserved the lift. So the cab was 6C85 and the driver was Mohammad Amin and he asked me whether I wanted to go up 8th or 6th and I said, "You decide, sir" and he took 8th and it did not entirely suck and that was pretty much the extent of it. There was legroom, it was a quick trip, and he did not try to kiss me, nor I him.

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