Perfect Ten

Perfect Ten

Andy gives behind-the-scenes Today show scoop and ruminates on the horribly perfect Cali anthem, "California Girls."


It is a GLORIOUS morning in NYC. The kind where you think maybe everybody on the street is going to break into a fantabulous dance routine. Actually, I live in the West Village so this is an option on any given ayem.

I am in the greenroom of TODAY waiting to go on with Hoda and Kathie Lee. I met a country singer named Dierks Bentley, who seems to know a thing or two about the Housewives, via his wife. Anyway he's a nice dude and Kathie Lee is wearing royal blue and that is pretty much what's happening in the greenroom this morning.

The weekend in the Hamptons was fantastic. I was superlowkey but efficient - got a lot of exercise, read an intense book (Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg), screened many future Bravo shows, and watched a great American Masters about The Doors. (I love The Doors.)

I decided on the drive home that "California Girls" by Katy Perry is concurrently horrible and perfect, and that it is to LA what "Empire State of Mind" is to NYC. "Empire State of Mind" - like NYC - is anthemic, deep, rich, and deeply evocative, while "California Girls" - like LA - is bubblegum, light, surface, airy, and stupid. They're both great, but I think Snoop is what turns the Katy Perry song from suckage to awesome. I just want you to know my deep thoughts as they happen.

I read your comments from Friday and I agree that I wasn't thinking too deeply when I made our jackhole into something of a "skit" at the end of the show Thursday. I hear what you're saying, people. I loved having Neal Patrick Harris and Mark Consuelos at the show, joined by some old high school pals of mine. After the show we had so much fun at the Boom Boom Room. Did I mention that?

Have a great day everybody.

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