People All Over the World

People All Over the World

Andy Cohen anticipates a fun night on 'Watch What Happens Live' before he heads to St. Louis.

Join hands! 

OK I can't get the O'Jays out of my head this morning. They were playing at Bonsignior and it's looping in my brain. I could have worse songs looping in my brain so I feel lucky. 

I'm happy to be back in NYC, at least for a day. Tomorrow I head to St. Louis where I'm hosting a big event for Doorways, a fantastic charity who finds housing for people with AIDS. The party is Saturday night and tickets are available at There's also a less-expensive after-party, and I'll be there too. 

Tonight is a brand new OC Housewives and then I'm live at midnight with two of my favorite people: Ricki Lake and RuPaul. How can madness not ensue with that duo?? There's actually a picture of Ricki up in the Bravo Clubhouse, an a piece of abstract art painted by her then-seven-year-old son Owen. I am sure that'll all come up tonight.

In other news, I'm wondering what everybody thought of the Shear Genius premiere last night.... Thoughts?


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