Palin and Oprah

Palin and Oprah

Andy Cohen gives his own assessment of yesterday's interview.

I got home late last night, but I knew I had to watch Sarah Palin on Oprah in order to just get past it and digest it and deal with it. I didn't want to but I HAD to.  It was an interesting hour in that it didn't really irritate me as much as I thought it would. I thought Palin did a really good job at appearing to be a folksy straight shooter. I believed solidly 60 percent of what she said, and think the rest was some amalgamation of the truth.  

For her to be carrying on about the Katie Couric interview makes her look as stupid as most people think she is. Why is it shocking to her that CBS aired the parts of the interview that made her look like a fool? The fact is that she doesn't read newspapers and magazines and so
it is really easy for her to pretend that that was Katie trying to make her look like a yokel from Alaska, because she is a yokel from Alaska. Own it.

Oprah was in a really bad position. Everyone knows she is on Team Barack, so she'd be criticized extra hard by Conservatives if she totally grilled Sarah, and everybody else would pounce if she wasn't as tough as she could be. I thought she did a great job riding the line —
she got in some jabs but was also really friendly and OprahHuggie.  

Palin got in some digs at Levi and said he's being mismanaged and is really young and is pursuing a career in porn. Couldn't she have thanked Watch What Happens Live for starting the Levi bidding war? Jeez. After reading Levi's account of life in the Palin household, and
then hearing the Governor's story, I have to say that I believe the kid.

Alessandra Stanley did a whole review of the show in today's Times and thought Palin was horrible.  I am just glad that Stanley thought the event was worthy enough of a review.


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