Andy Cohen soaked in the starpower of Oscar weekend.

I am a little slow this morning from a night that included the Vanity Fair party and ended very late at the Madonna/Demi Moore soiree. It was a BLAST of a night. I didn't get invited to blog, so I can't really say much. About VF I will tell you that there was a moment where we were talking to Zac Efron at the bar and the Jonas brothers were  walking in and little Tay-Tay Lautner was not far behind, so it felt very teen dreamy. And that Oprah and Gaga (in a red veil) were at the late-night party (not together), Diddy was djing, and Madonna's dancers had a spectacular dance-off.

It was a great weekend in L.A., hanging with friends basking in pre-Oscar festivities. We saw every big movie star on Friday night and met Evan Lysacek, who is very charming and adorable. We also talked to Sam Worthington who is as hot as Na'vi. On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting a young lad named Brooklyn Beckham, spawn of Victoria and David. (Why is that funny to me?)

At various points in the weekend I ran into Rachel Zoe and Rodger, handsome Brad Goreski (who affirmed my choice of tux shirt), and the gorgeous Gail Simmons.

Regarding the show last night...
* Love Mo'Nique
* Kristen Stewart needs to get her agent to buy her a sense of humor.
* Loved the John Hughes tribute.
* I don't get why Miley is all over the Oscars but there's no time for Lauren Bacall to speak?
* I love me some SJP.  Also thought Kate Winslet, JLo, Demi looked incredible.
* While I enjoyed the tributes to Best Actor and Actress nominees, it kinda felt like they were talking about Nobel Prize honorees or something. Kinda keepts that stereotype going of Hollywood as a self-congratulatory hot air machine.

OK I am running for a plane home this morning. More tomorrow. In the meantime, watch a brand new Kell on Earth tonight!

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