One Last Chance ...

One Last Chance ...

Andy Cohen is en route to LA to visit the OC Housewives.

OK I'm en route to Los Angeles to grill the "Real Housewives of Orange County" and so I'm giving you one last chance to post questions below that you want asked. I am your vessel.

Tonight is a supersized "Top Chef" Superbowl Spectacular, featuring some "Top Chef" faves from the past and a format-busting challenge that yields surprising results. Hootie. Hoo!

Went to Cafe Cluny last night with some buddies and I gotta say it is virtually impossible to go there without running into an Olson Twin. This is not a bad thing, it’s just curious. Do the Olson's love that joint because it is across from the Beatrice Inn? Or is it the Coq au Vin?

CAR REPORT: I had to be somewhere and took a car service, which was lucky given the rain and overall crap day. My driver was a lovely lady who didn't seem interested in the process of helping with bags and maneuvering in the rain to perhaps lend an umbrella shelter to assure that her precious cargo didn't get sopping. So the question of the day is whether being a ladydriver disqualifies you from those normal driverly duties... I think it doesn't. By the way, Janice Huff went a teeny bit overboard re: today's storm so it was good to get the info filtered through Liza, because it's just slush and rain.

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