One Day To Go

One Day To Go

Is Andy Cohen losing his cool? Find out.

Why do I feel like tomorrow is my birthday? What if I don't get any prezzies? What if I DO?

I am so excited that, as of Wednesday, I will shut off MSNBC and FOX NEWS for a long time. Is it possible to 'delete' them from my menu? Avoid the electoral hype and watch Bravo tonight when my fave Goldie Hawn stops by "Inside the Actor's Studio". I love her. She was on "Graham Norton" the other night and I fell in love with her all over again. After Lipton, go inside the highest-end travel biz with the premiere of "First Class All the Way".

Friday night was a madhouse in my neighborhood. Halloween in the West Village is gay pride times 1000. It's for EVERYBODY in the tri-state area. And I love it. There were many drag queen Sarah Palins, some holding babies, some bloodied, and some with Bristol (I saw TWO bearded Bristols!). I also saw a Diane von Furstenberg and lots of Obamas.

Got a lot of emails over the weekend about the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE cover story profiling Bravo Prexy Lauren Zalaznick. I don't think I realized that apparently everyone I know reads the TIMES MAGAZINE. Perhaps I should get on that bus, or do I continue letting everyone else do the work? It is a great profile even as I am portrayed in the midst of a momentary quagmire of losing grip on my reference points and on being 'cool' in general.

I do want to point out that the great writer substituted my word 'playlist' for hers: "mixtape". I haven't made a mixtape since '94, so that does make me sound like a bit of a loser, out of touch with what the hell is going on right now. Like George Bush talking about the 'Internets', here I am talking about a 'mixtape' in the freaking NYT. Joy. PLAYLIST is what I said, ok?

(If you read the piece you will get my drift.) I spent the weekend at two Obama call centers in the East Village training people to call battleground states to get out the vote. We live in a lazy, generally apathetic country where people would rather sit behind dark Range Rovers and locked doors than get out and make a stand and do something (I am as often apathetic as the rest of anybody; my poop stanks too.) So then what an AMAZING feeling being in the midst of all that positive energy and talking to motivated people of all ages who wanted to help out. It was kind of like a great- looking version of jury duty, with tons of young people and a stew of ethnicities and vibes. Everybody was passionate and fired up and their BELIEF tied them all together.

I spent part of the day Saturday handing out flyers and trying to get people to go into the phone bank to make calls. Man are people MEAN on the street to flyer-people! I am too, but walk in their shoes for a day and it will give you a slap in the face. After 90 minutes of that, I was starting to want to get in fights, so I stopped that portion of fieldwork. Yesterday our phone bank at the Bowery Hotel was the most successful in Manhattan, with 32,383 calls made and 450 volunteers. It was a beautiful thing! They'll be making calls through election day if you want to get involved. If you're for McCain I bet they're making calls too, so hop onboard there's only one more day of this nonsense.

Did you see "The Simpsons" last night? It was their Halloween episode and it was amazing. Incredible. They did a riff on "Mad Men" and an even better one on "Peanuts". You have to see the "Peanuts" thing. How is that show still so amazing after 20 years while my favorite Australian comedy is getting mauled by our parent company? How?

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