On the Train

On the Train

Andy Cohen reflects on his time talking to students at his alma mater.

And then there were three! What a heartbreaker last night on Top Chef! (I won't do a spoiler here in case you haven't see it.) And I hope you stayed tuned for the saga of Marilyn on Launch My Line. That ticking clock kills me.

Tonight it's back to the OC and then I'm live at midnight with what I know will be two hilariously guests — Kristen Johnston and Mark Consuelos — plus some other surprises. 

I am writing this from a train rolling through Rhode Island en route back home. I love a train. Nene loves a crawl, and I love a train.

I had a great, but kind of surreal, time at BU yesterday talking to students. It was great because of their enthusiasm, smart questions, and knowledge of all things Bravo; it was surreal because I was quite literally fighting the urge to fall asleep all day given my lack of it the night before.  I love a college environ — what the hell is better than being in college??? Though a lot had changed, the second floor of the student union smelled exactly the same. (I love a familiar shmeck.) My last talk of the day was to the gays of BU (it was ribald and spirited and fun) and after that I crashed hard. 

The kids are so young these days! (As opposed to how old they were when I was one!)

I was sad to get the news yesterday that the NY State Senate voted against equality for gays in the marriage arena, thus postponing this possibility until a new Senate comes to be, around the time Oprah retires. (That's how I am measuring time these days.). This is an exhausting, sad fight.

See you at midnight.


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