Oh Dolly

Oh Dolly

Andy Cohen dishes on seeing Ms. Dolly Parton in concert.


It was a sold out, hopped up crowd at Radio City Music Hall last night for "An Evening with Dolly Parton". What an evening it was as that lady weaved stories and one liners with hit after hit after hit that had the crowd on their feet.

The night started country style, early and on time - around 8:10 - when the top heavy, pint sized dynamo walked onstage and said, "you know what I don't understand?" She paused a beat and launched into "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That?". That's how it was. You know what I'm sayin'?

Her catalogue of songs (most of which she's written) over a 40-year career is so vast that every time you see her (she tours every year or two) she mixes up her playlist. Indeed she belted out "Jolene", "Islands in the Stream", "Baby I'm Burnin'", "Here You Come Again", and "Coat of Many Colors" but she sang a bunch of new stuff off the new album plus threw in some covers and some Dolly time capsules like "Eagle When She Flies" and "White Limozeen".

Near the end she sang the now anthemic "I Will Always Love You", left the stage and came back to close out on "Jesus and Gravity" which was good because it is literally a show-stopper. And if you are reading this and have yet to download "Jesus and Gravity", I have to ask POR QUE?

And might I add that the line for the men's room was longer than ever historically recorded. And perhaps that is because there were more Homosexuals at the Dolly concert than at Madonna the night before. But ya know what is a beautiful thing? There are masses and masses of urinals at Radio City. Here's proof! andy_bathroom_320x240.jpg

I really am impressed with them Radio City-sized urinal banks. ANYHOW, the crowd went absolutely apeshit for "9 to 5", which is a good thing because there's a musical she wrote based on the movie directed by Joe Mantello that's heading straight for Broadway (via LA).

Joe was with us in the audience and Miss Parton gave him a shout out from the stage. I might add that's the same stage he's won two Tonys on. If I had my pick between a Tony and a Dolly shout-out from the stage I MIGHT pick the shout-out. But that's me, kids.

As Dolly's bus was no doubt on the lonely roads outside of NYC, we closed it out at Palm West.

All in all, it was a perfect night.

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