Obama, Florence, 'Eve,' and Top Chef

Obama, Florence, 'Eve,' and Top Chef

Andy Cohen dishes the dirt from The Real Housewives of OC reunion.

Do you have a Housewives hangover, or did you OD on Obama last night? Or both? 

I spent my last night in St. Louis  with my family and we watched Obama, which meant listening to my mother curse and scream "Judas!" everytime Joe Lieberman came on-screen.  Joe looked like he was sucking something, or chewing on some kind of mealy curd. What was it, Judas? On what was you sucking? 

Oh the political commentary rolling out of Evelyn Cohen's mouth! MSNBC should give HER the 10 p.m. slot! Did Barbara Boxer get "facework?" Was Evelyn right that Kit Bond looked "shickered?" And did Michelle Obama look better than everybody at the Oscars x 10!? And was that Governor Bobby Jindal or an SNL skit? Screw Campbell Brown — this St. Louis lady cuts through the bull! And Lou Cohen can ID every member of the House and Senate! They would make an amazing anchor team.

So yeah, then I listened to them watch the OC gals on DVR and, um, it was a jarring turn of tone for the room.  My mother was uninterested and my father loved all the boobs. We had a debate about whether high school graduates, GED graduates, or Gretchen, should be expected to know the identities of the pioneering nurse Florence Nightengale or All About Eve protagonist Eve Harrington. We agreed that Florence is History 101, but Eve was a reference just south of the OC, and a little bit down Gay Street.

Regarding Tamra's accusation that Gretchen was dating this "Jay" dude the whole time she was caring for Jeff: I honestly don't know what went down. The Gretchen/Tamra smackdown actually began during a commercial break and continued for longer than you saw on the show, and Gretchen was insistent and genuine in her denial. I wish her the very best and it's clear she's going through a rough time. I certainly think that this helps explain some of Tamra's treatment towards Gretchen for half the season; she was getting calls from the supposed "boyfriend" and didn't trust either of them. What do YOU think, by the way?? Who to believe??In other reunion notes, my heart went out to Lynne when her feelings were hurt about being called "stupid" by the ladies. It was great to see Lauri, and I felt like something of a tool for offering Gretchen tequila at the end of the show.

So my parents don't completely "get" that OC show one bit. And it's cool. They WILL, like all of us, be watching the Top Chef finale tonight. What a wild final three — this thing could go any direction and that's awesome. At the start of the season, could you have imagined Carla's spectacular rise to the top? What a story! Stefan has the record of a buttload of challenge wins and a healthy confidence. And Hosea has quietly and methodically made it to the finals. Watch for Fabio to be seated with the judges tonight; he's got some strong opinions at the table.

I shot some (poor quality) interviews down in New Orleans and I just want to make sure I linked to my chat with new judge Toby Young HERE, Rocco DiSpirito dishing Dancing with the Stars HERE, and if you haven't seen my behind-the-scenes look at the Top Chef "food porn" machine, click HERE!!


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