NYC Staycation

NYC Staycation

Andy Cohen may have stayed in NYC for the break, but he did a whole lot.

Happy 2010 everybody! I still haven't decided how I feel about the new year, but I am willing to be optimistic for the sake of the chitlins of the world. I love chitlins.

I am coming off a gorgeous, mellow, cuddly, pajama-clad 10-day staycation in the city that I love most — New York, New York. I'm feeling really good about my decision today because I read and slept and chilled out and saw movies and recommitted my love of my apartment.  Here are some pop culture highlights of the staycation:

ROCK OF AGES:  I went to see the latest white hot jukebox musical Rock of Ages the other night for two reasons — to see the incredible Kerry Butler (I will see her any chance I get) and because I don't pass up any opportunity to hear "Don't Stop Believin'" live.  Kerry was amazing and the show, which celebrates '80s music, was itself celebrated by The New York Times with a rave review early in 2009. Here's What: I want every amazing actor who's ever gotten a bad review in The Times to go see this "show" so they can understand what it takes to get a rave in that paper.  This experience will just level everything and make you realize that a New York Times review means nothing more than which way the wind blew the reviewer's toupee that

SANDY: The other night, I saw Sandra Bernhard's latest Whatever It Takes at Joe's Pub, which was probably too brilliant to get a rave in The Times. I could listen to that outspoken raconteur muse about everything from Michelle Obama to The View to Latisse on a very regular basis. I love that lady!!! Genius.

ALICIA KEYS: I can't stop listening to her new album. And her brilliance goes way beyond her perfect "Part 2" of "Empire State of Mind." This album isn't even that great but I love it.

OSCAR BAIT:  I really liked Up in the Air and thought An Education was OK. I have a bunch of screeners and I need to watch more and they're not exactly burning a hole in my brain. Isn't it ironic that there are going to be 10 nominees for Best Picture this year when there weren't 10 great movies?

CITY OF NIGHT: I read this quite depressing (yet I am sure groundbreaking for its time) 1963 gay classic from cover to cover, eschewing Melissa Gilbert's A Prairie Tale (that's next on the book club list.)  I also read the history of Casablanca Records yesterday, which is more of a pamphlet than a book but I am happy I have the backstory on disco's premiere label.

PEEJAYS!: My friend got me some flannel pajamas at Jack Spade and I essentially would live in them if I possibly could. I've never had a pajama set. I will never go back to the dark cold world in which I used to live.

PARKS AND RECREATION: I caught a marathon of the Amy Poehler NBC show over the break and it's really funny! Love it, and her.

KENNEDY CENTER HONORS: I love this show year after year and had heard incredible things about the Springsteen tribute from people who'd seen it live, but unfortunately the show was so damn edited that it was clear that the Melissa Etheridge "Born to Run" that thrilled people in the room was hacked to death for the TV audience. I did enjoy the fact that Aretha Franklin was wearing a two-toned hair system that made her look like Edna Turnblad pre-makeover (Scene 1, Act 1).


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