Nontubular Randomosity

Nontubular Randomosity

Andy Cohen talks Real Housewives, Kathie Lee, and Tool Academy.

I'm a little gobsmacked by last night's episode of "Real Housewives".  I mean, what can I say?? It was upsetting and disturbing on several levels. I think anyone who might suspect shades of UN-reality within that or any of the RH franchises need watch the episode. How could we write that? And would we?

I look forward to a FULL breakdown of the night from the ladies when we tape the reunion in a few weeks. I know that many of you are going to have strong opinions, and if you have any specific questions you want asked, do so HERE.

It's on to a brand new episode of "Top Chef" tonight. That show is en fuego. The buzz that I'm hearing is that there are more chefs to love this season, and that the chefs seem to have a great vibe. I'm particularly loving watching Ariane's evolution. By the way -- "Top Chef: Restaurant Wars" is one week from tonight!

I know our poor outgoing President is flummoxed about what to do when he's through with his big, hard job, but watching Bush's fascinating press conference the other day sparked an amazing revelation! He should get his ass to VH-1 to compete on "Tool Academy 2"!! I think he could win it, people! He should take his insane, Hasselbackian defense of Katrina straight to the "Tool Academy" judges and see what they think.  Actually, he should take his whole freaking administration and put them on and see who the biggest Tool is! 

I promise I will stop with the Bush stuff in mere days... Really.

On to happier things, like the fact that I can't stop thinking about "Slumdog Millionaire". I think it's the perfect movie. I hear that ABC may be bringing back "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and it's a great idea in light of "Slumdog".

In other old, but happy, news - I thought Kristin Wiig's depiction of Kathie Lee the other night was so pitch-perfect that it was almost not even funny. It was as perfect as "Slumdog" in it's own way.

Here's what: this is a very, very boring blog. Pathetic, really. The biggest who cares in history. My heart's not in it today and the tragedy is that I've wasted your precious time in a horrible manner.  

I apologize.

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