Nip in the Air

Nip in the Air

Andy recaps his Madonna, Mariah, and Mad Men filled weekend.

It was a tumultuous weekend for a whole lot of reasons, but namely because we're all rattled by the horrible, random death of AJ, Kandi's fiance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I had never met him, but Kandi is just about the sweetest, most talented person you'll know, so my heart is heavy for her and all of AJ's family. We were supposed to shoot the reunion this week, but that's obviously been put on hold.

I'm writing this in the greenroom of the Today Show, where I'm going on with Hoda and Kathie Lee to discuss Letterman, Jon and Kate, and other pop culture madness. I am still flummoxed about the Letterman thing. I think he'll come out of this OK if none of the women come forward and charge actual harassment. Maybe they will, what do I know. Having worked at CBS News for 10 years, I do know that you aren't going to hear an overwhelming amount of colleagues coming to the defense of the alleged extortionist. The guy was about as well liked as Jon Gosselin.

Saturday was rainy and I did some serious Bravo screening, DVR catch-up, and napping. I finally watched the entirety of the Oprah/Mackenzie Phillips show. Wowza. It won't be headline news to report that I LOVED when Valerie Bertinelli surprised Mack. Adorable. And I think Bonnie Franklin might take issue with Oprah repeatedly calling Phillips the "lead" of the show. Mmm hmmm. In other non-headline news, I am really feeling Oprah right now.

I also caught up on 3 episodes of Mad Men and still I don't know if it is the most captivating show on TV or the most boring. Or somewhere in between. It is gorgeous to look at and definitely transfixes me like a fine tranquilizer. Were you aware that the ratio between awards and media coverage to actual viewers is disproportionate? Why is that?

So yesterday was running all over town on a gorgeous day and here are the posters I saw:


Isn't this the same album art that Mariah has been working for the last 3 albums that was ripped off along the way by Beyonce? And did you see Mariah BELTING "I Wanna Know What Love Is" on Oprah a couple weeks ago? Oh you didn't, on account of she was WHISPERING a song that needs to be BELTED and should be renamed "I Wanna Know Why Mariah's Whispering". Anyway...look at this poster:


Ain't nothing wrong with this promotion for her latest Greatest Hits Album. I actually would've ripped it off the wall if I thought I'd be able to preserve the image. I saw that lady last night, by the way; I was a guest at a party she threw. She looked and smelled fantastic; and she was super-nice. And she's Madonna. And I left before 1 am because I had to be wise on The Today Show. And so that's what I am going to attempt to do shortly.

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