Night of 1,000 Blonds

Night of 1,000 Blonds

Andy Cohen enjoys a night on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Gretchen, Kim, and Tabatha.

I'm slow on the uptake today and not knowing where to begin this blog. How about with what a fool I am?

Great. So here were my three stupid moves from yesterday: I had a meeting at the biggest magazine known to anyone with the biggest editor known to anyone and somehow cut up my hand while exiting my vehicle. So I was in this fancy shmancy place with very fancy people and a bloody hand. And no bactine. And that was foolish.

I returned to 30 Rock to be on LXTV and was 30 seconds from going live when I decided to taste this turkey with candied sweet potatoes that they'd cooked in the previous segment. And you know I spilled a little on my lapel, and I decided to solve that problem by licking my lapel and creating a big saliva blotch on my lapel that was prominent for the entirety of the segment. I licked my suit.

And then the third thing is that during this Web extra I called Gretchen "Tamra," which is actually kind of amusing. It's not as amusing as what Gretchen says about Slade's penis. WATCH:

I had a blast on the "Night of 1000 Blonds" on Watch What Happens Live last night. Kim called in and sounded a little exhausted. We hit the Boom Boom Room atop the Standard after the show and pondered what was going on in Kim's room in Philly. What do YOU think...?

I have gotten some tweets and comments from people who are pissed at me that the ladies didn't rip wigs on the Atlanta reunion. There's nothing wrong with civilized conversation, people! I just wish the Housewives hadn't shut down so many questions. We were there to talk about what happened on the show, I thought.... Anyway I am going to miss the ATL ladies for a while. 

We're off on Monday so I will blog again Tuesday. And here, for one more time, is Kim singing "Tardy for the Party."

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