Nice Day for a Ramble

Nice Day for a Ramble

Andy Cohen is waiting in the Today show greenroom, pondering life's most important questions -- like, "Who is Christina Milian?"

It is gorgeous in NYC. It should be illegal to be so beautiful. I know just why the Lord made it so perty out: because tonight is the Season 2 premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project. Why ELSE would the weather be so great? The new season is fantastic and full of more fashion porn, huge designers, and Zoe-isms than you can imagine. 

Did anyone see 60 Minutes last night? It was a tribute to the late Don Hewitt, who created the show 41 years ago, and it was worth seeing. 

The New York Times had an arguably bogus piece the other day essentially blaming Hewitt for turning news into entertainment. I can see how ABC honcho Roone Arledge could be credited with this, but to say that Hewitt's 60 was the precurser to Entertainment Tonight seems like a leap to me.

Last week I plowed through an incredible book called The Help, by Katherine Socket. It's the story of a group of maids working for some racist junior leaguers in 1960s Mississippi. It's on the NY Times Bestseller list and everybody seems to be reading it. Join the club and let me know what you think.

I am writing this blog in the TODAY Show greenroom, where I am watching shirtless men get tanning moisturizer applied to them. I still don't know what their exact role on today's show is, nor do I particularly care. I am way more interested in what's happening in the other corner, where Christina Milian and her enormous posse are camped out. Here's what: she has a bodygaurd. Here's what else: WHO is trying to get to Christina Milian that requires a bodygaurd to "protect" her??

And who IS Christina Milian?!


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