Nibs and Nobs

Nibs and Nobs

Andy Cohen recounts his weekend trip to his hometown, St. Louis.

Happy Whitney Day, everybody. Today is Part 1 of her interview with Oprah and I am pumped. This is a must-see moment for both Whitney and Oprah. If Whitney convinces us all that crack IS whack and cops to being a total cracked out superstar for the last 10 years, she's got herself a massive comeback on her hands. If Oprah asks her every damn question about Bobbbeeeeee and what went down, she will kick her season off big. It will happen for both of them.

I have already gotten many tweets saying that I have to nominate Kanye for Jackhole of the Week based on his stupid move last night. We shall see. The week is young and someone is bound to make a bigger fool of themselves in the next few days. I saw bibs and bobs of the MTV Awards this morning .... I thought Madonna's sermon was good, and maybe a teeny bit too much about Madonna, but good nonetheless. (I have no problem hearing about Madonna.)

In other music news, did anybody hear Susan Boyle's cover of the Rolling Stone's "Wild Horses"? It is kind of AMAZING. Whoa.

I'm at the St. Louis airport this morning returning back to NYC after a jampacked weekend of family fun. My nephew Jeremy (who does love Wheatables Crackers but apparently prefers Melba Rounds) kicked butt at his Bar Mitzvah. The party for the kids was very un-NYC. My sister didn't recreate Studio 54 or have the Killers perform, she took everybody to a partybox at Busch Stadium and we watched the Cardinals game. It was perfection, and further proof that the Jews in New York City are completely out of their MINDS. Stop the madness.

All weekend, there was an art fair going on in Clayton, which is where I'm from in St. Louis. I am not going to give my commentary on the actual art. Let's just say this "fair" is further proof that "art" is "subjective" and made me hopped up for our art competition show to his the air.  Anyway, it was a great event and I ran into lots of old-school St. Louis people. The thing that continually amazes me about my hometown is not the startling amount of faux-mages to Kate Gosselin's asymmetrical mullet, but the fact that 10 p.m. is the witching hour in that town and people are serious about it. 10 p.m. in St. Louis is like midnight anywhere else  It's like curfew in Pleasantville as you watch the townspeople scatter quietly in time for the "news." I love it there.

Last night was a party celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. It was a blast, and over by 9:35.


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