New York, New York

New York, New York

Andy Cohen dishes on Paper Magazine's 25th Birthday Bash and playing director on the 'SATC' set.

Wow. Talk about going from a flip-floppy, low-key summer vibe to a back-to-school Manhattan tornado ... that was yesterday. Shazam! and Pow! and Bam!

It was whiplash in the office first thing with new interns, new dramz, new cuts of shows, and some early morning dank humidity that shouldn't have been there. I was grabbing lunch around 1 and my cellphone rang with an alert to come at that moment to 58th and 5th where Sex and the City 2 was shooting in front of Bergdorf Goodman.

In a Manhattan minute, I was there along with seemingly the rest of the island and every paparazzi this side of Cannes. A wall of them were there to document the first shot of all four ladies together again for the sequel to the first blockbuster film. The dames looked fantastic, especially my beloved Carrie B. Here's a pic I took on my crappy Blackberry:

I lived out one big ole nerdy fantasy when director Michael Patrick King and First A.D. Bettianne Fishman let me take control of the bullhorn to yell "Set" ... "Background action" ... "Action" ... and "Cut!" It was more fun than it should've been and I was not entirely amazing at it. I apparently didn't speak loud enough for the first two takes (usually not an issue for me) and had to really belt it for the next two. 

They wrapped at Bergdorf's, went on to their next location, and I headed back to Rock Center where it was walk walk walk, work work work, and talk talk talk. As I was coming home from the subway on 7th Avenue around 7,  City Council President Christine Quinn was pressing the flesh urging folks to vote for her next Tuesday in the primary. (I THINK it's the primary but I'm an idiot. Anyway, she has my vote fo sho.) I think she is really a nice, a good person, and I admire her. And she loves the Jersey Housewives.

At home, I was feeling kinda off, and Liza's Sunday lyme disease diagnosis potentially was on the nose, but I caught a wave and succumbed to the lure of Paper magazine's 25th Birthday Bash, grabbed some Empire Szechuan, and changed clothes. I was confused about what to wear because the invite said "creative black tie." I won't go into minutia because I feel I already am losing you with this drivel, but suffice to say, I figured out what "creative black tie" meant for me, grabbed Graciela and hit it for the New York Public Library.

At the party were Paper founders' Kim Hastreiter and David Herskovitz with Hunter "Fashion" Hill and Perry "Courderoy" Moore and a ton of people who have been floating around the nooks and crannies of the nooks and crannies of NYC over the years ... among them Michael Musto, Kanye West, Amanda Lepore, the Lady Bunny (with wig askew), DJ Johnny Dynell, Andrew WK, Sean Lennon, Fred Schneider, Cynthia Rowley, Betsey Johnson, Pat Field, Patrick McCarthy, sissy preppy punks, tons of pretty young things, Tyson Beckford, Brad Goreski, Isaac Mizrahi, tons more pretty young things, Bethann Hardison, Fern Mallis, and a girl who was drunkenly asleep in a black dress on a chair in front of us. (We were among more than a few who got our pics taken w/ her while she was dozin'!)

The entertainment was The Virgins, who still sound like a newly minted Gold LP, Queen Latifah, who was v 80s and gave us an extended "U-N-I-T-Y," and Liza Minnelli. Eclectic!

My cam took crappy shots of Liza and I won't post the blur, but you can imagine. And if you can't: it was a black pantsuit topped w/ a bell-shaped sequin flair amounting to a look not unlike Lady Bunny, sans cooch on display. The whole thing ended with Liza GIVING us "New York, New York," in a deeply old school way. 

We stood at the lions in front of the library decompressing and saw a girl took a bad fall on the steps. We saw the whole thing happen and so that added another four minutes of hilarity (Why is it always so funny?) before we hopped in a cab (there were plenty for everybody) and went home.

At the end of the night I looked out the window and the Empire State Building was orange.  What does that mean? Ponder it and let me know. And have a good day.

P.S. I cannot let this blog end without saying that tonight's Top Chef is FANTASTIC. Someone gets eliminated in the Quickfire and they face the most daunting table they've ever cooked for.  After taping, Tom and co. were making noise that it was perhaps the best meal prepared in Top Chef history. Mmm-hmmm. Check it out. You know I don't screw around with this stuff. 

P.P.S. Oh screw it, I might as well post the Liza pic ...



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