NeNe Brings It

NeNe Brings It

NeNe takes over Andy Cohen's office for "Viewer Mail" ... and gives it to Kim after 'Watch What Happens Live.'

I had the BEST time with NeNe last night (it's hard not to have a good time with her) and we packed a lot into 22 minutes of live TV.  

At the very end of the show — with 20 seconds to go, none other than Kim called in (from the Bahamas) to GIVE IT to Nene for trashtalking her live. We ran out of time, ended the show, kept Kim on the phone, and rolled tape of their eight-minute confrontation that'll go up this morning. (Keep checking the home page and then pick your jaw up — it's dark.)

While you're waiting for the latest round of Kim vs. Nene to post, here's Nene doing some viewer mail from my desk.....


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